Buying a view? Do your homework!

When buying a view condo it’s tremendously important to be up on the proposed and approved projects that may be in the pipeline and that may impact your view and the value of your property once built.  Don’t take a developer’s salesperson’s word for it; do your own homework.  Some helpful resources:

A lively forum concerning San Francisco new construction throughout the City. 

Check out the development plans for all our neighborhoods, including Rincon Hill, Bayview, Downtown, Civic Center, etc.
The San Francisco Business Times regularly features articles on development at all stages in the City.  It’s always prudent to stay informed about what’s going on in your neighborhood.


4 responses to “Buying a view? Do your homework!

  1. Good point about making sure your condo’s “view” is going to stay that way (though who can ever be 100 percent sure?). Here in Charlotte, we don’t have much for a view, since we’re land-locked, but it definitely pays to know which condo developments are in the works, since it can affect how easily you can sell your condo if you need to in the future.

  2. Great advice here. Views and upcoming projects are unzillowables that may affect the value of your investment.

  3. Thanks, Sellz! I enjoyed your post coining the *unzillowable* term and conditions, such as upcoming construction, that zillow doesn’t consider.

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