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299113_06.jpgI started the New Year watching the fireworks at the Ferry Building from my patio and just reflecting on the fact that we’re so wonderfully spoiled here in South Beach with great restaurants, easy shopping, transportation and conveniences, the excitement of baseball and many interesting neighbors. I actually feel like I’m on vacation every day, perhaps it’s because people travel thousands of miles to visit us; that’s the South Beach lifestyle in a nutshell! And there is certainly a sense of excitement with more residents moving into completed buildings and a growing merchants association.

So here’s a list of some of my favorite things in the ‘hood:

Last week I met the boys over at Club Sportiva and had the opportunity to oogle their toys and check out their well appointed club house. Their holiday special might be just the thing for the guy who has everything. Beyond use of the cars the club has poker nights and scotch tastings as well as dinners, road rallies, and other events for member socializing. This may also be the perfect complement to City Car Share with Cal Trans Fourth Street Station and BART so close many residents are foregoing private car ownership and parking expenses.

Sixth annual dine-about-town is your opportunity to get out in January and take advantage of neighborhood restaurants for special prie fix dinners at special prices at restuarants such as Jack Falstaff, owned by our Mayor, Paragon, Momo’s, Bacar, Acme Chophouse, Fringale, and AsiaSF, among others.

If you don’t consider eating a recreation, check out the new building housing the South Beach Yacht Club and their racing schedule, or burn off a few calories at The San Francisco Tennis Club . I have to admit I truly miss the driving range, but we now have all the nearby activities at the Yerba Buena Center from bowling to skating to the best contemporary dance venue in the country. Not to mention the Metreon. And now, there’s Bloomingdales, and more movie theaters! All this in the middle of our musuem district with the SFMOMA and newly opened Museum of the African Diaspora.

For commuting to the South Bay or the East Bay, South Beach is by far the most convenient neighborhood with easy access to 280 and the Bay Bridge. If you’re working in the Financial District your commute is a morning walk or a quick hop on a historical trolley car.


4 responses to “South Beach Lifestyle

  1. San Francisco is becoming Manhattan West in your neighborhood!

  2. But I love Manhattan, and we have much better weather — if you don’t want the Manhattan-ized face of San Fran, check out Noe Valley, Glen Park, Parkside, Lake District, Potrero Hill, Cole Valley, Lincoln Manor, St Francis … and many more of our wonderful neighborhoods! Thanks for all Pat — can’t wait to hear about your trip to Inman in NYC. Cheers!

  3. I happend to find this site/ page while i was searcihng about South Beach area where I am moving soon. I know NB, Pac. Heights and Chinatown well and have little concern to live in South Beach and I cannot picutre it how life there goes on. I had passed ballpark, Cal train station, Beacon apt and so on but didnt see people actualy living the area. I am little nurvous!!

  4. Hi Mim, and welcome to South Beach! Last night I attended one of the “neighborhood nights” hosted by at the Palimino restaurant and had the opportunity to get to know a few more neighbors and speak with Rob Black who ran for Supervisor in the district. I’d recommend going to some of these functions to get to know people. Also, you’ll probably meet people going to the pool and gym in your building, and other events that residents organize. Feel free to email me for more information on the neighborhood at — moving is a little nervewracking, but you’ll have the fun of exploring and getting to know a new ‘hood and you’ll still visit North Beach and Union Street!

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