Technology is changing how agents market your home

San Francisco is a great market to work in real estate; we’ve got a complex mix of historical and new housing stock, our continual housing shortage somewhat insulates us from bubble-bursting effects, and our citizens are highly tech saavy. When you list your home ask each of the agents you interview these questions:

Which web sites will you use to market my home?

What is your email marketing strategy for my listing?

Will you have an address specific site to market my property?

Will you provide a virtual tour?

Can you recommend some sites that will help me understand the current market?

A competent agent should have good answers to satisfy you because 80% of buyers start their search for a home online according to the National Association of Realtors, and you want your property to show well in front of these buyers. Your agent is also responsible for making sure your property is getting as much exposure in the market as possible, including nationally and internationally with our mobile society.

Having an address specific web site for your property helps with having your property pop up in search engines, as does your agent’s blog where your listing should also appear.

Altos Research is a wonderful tool that does a real time analysis of the average price of properties so you can view statistical trends.

Besides helping you select the agent who can best market your property, you’ll end up sounding very smart and steering clear of agents who are not using technology to its fullest on your behalf.


One response to “Technology is changing how agents market your home

  1. Good post. As real estate quickly takes over the Internet, and buyers are given the empowerment to make balanced decisions without help from an agent, it becomes imperative for agents to become Internet savvy. As a homeowner, I would definitely take your advice and only use an agent who has technical skills. It’s a must!

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