5 Reasons to Buy Now in San Francisco

With all the doom and gloom headlines selling newspapers, there are some often overlooked facts that make this a good time to buy.

1.  Low interest rates; the rates dropped overnight to 5.5% for a 30 year fixed.

2.  There are more properties on the market than there have been in the last few years for buyers to choose from; it’s a buyers market, which is perfect for being a buyer.

3.   Sellers and developers have adjusted to the new market climate and are willing to make concessions.

4.   San Francisco rents are still rising.

5.  San Francisco still has a housing shortage; and we have a good jobs economy — you will be poised to cash in on the next market cycle.


One response to “5 Reasons to Buy Now in San Francisco

  1. there are always opportunities for a good business mind but timing does make a difference. So where in the cycle do we think we are. I think buying now is about 12 months premature and foreign buyers won’t make a difference here yet, maybe in several years.

    San Francisco will always have a housing shortage………for affordable housing.

    San Francisco has a shortage of land…….for single family homes. Otherwise you can always build up. That’s what Europe and Asia do.

    Good jobs in San Francisco, yes. Do they all
    make $120K+ to pay for the $5K-$6K mortgage, not unless you have equity.

    The reasons listed are like standard media
    stuff about “fundamentals” and don’t really
    mean much. If you have fantastic instincts
    all this data won’t matter much and you’ll
    do great. Same if you can hold for 10-15+

    Otherwise let’s be honest we don’t really know
    where SF is going.

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