Map our San Francisco Micro Climates

I love Weather Bonk, a site where you can map weather, and check out web cams all over the City.  With our diverse micro climates here in the Bay Area it’s difficult to explain to newcomers why they might want to take a jacket if they are headed to the Zoo.  For us old-timers we have an extra sweat shirt in the trunk in case we find ourselves across town.  Weather also plays a part in real estate prices, becoming a part of the location-location-location equation.

Of course you can also check out the weather anywhere in the world by typing in the city, country, or simply world to see how San Francisco compares.  I hope this doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to identify the tourists with their $12 SF fleeces and shorts in the summer!


2 responses to “Map our San Francisco Micro Climates

  1. I love the bay area. I have family out there and every time I visit I love it more. It definitely has quite the diverse mini climate. August in San Francisco can be jacket weather while on the other side of the mountains it can be in the 90’s.

  2. Gracias , que he recientemente buscar informaci�n sobre este tema para mucho tiempo y el suyo es el mejor mayor he vino sobre hasta ahora . Sin embargo , relaci�n con la l�nea de fondo ? �Est�s seguro de cierta sobre el de suministro | Sobre i cuenta es en la verdad eres no verdad mucho m�s bien – preferida de lo que puede ser podr�a ser en este momento . Usted es so muy inteligente.

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