Rates head up

With talk of inflation in the air thoughts are turning to the Fed raising rates in the near future.  This certainly affects the monthly payments for current buyers who have not locked in their rate.  But Brian Brady doesn’t see the Fed raising rates until 2009.

BankRate® 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Trend


9 responses to “Rates head up

  1. Holding rates down is essential to this recovery.
    In our market however the jumbo loan requirements are ridgid and the high end is weighting down in price yet. We need some way to securitize the jumbo’s. Conforming is easy, it is all government secured or supplied money. That why the low end markets are humming. They have lots of cheap money. With FHA 620 credit score your golden with 3.5% down.

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  4. Thanks for sharing a visual chart. Nice links shared. Informative and interesting stuff.
    Nice sharing and keep posting.

  5. Nice sharing the trends in rates at different points. Really useful post. insightful.

  6. Hey it is nice staff. I think it give us overview of property rates hike and increased in up to which level. It give us a idea

  7. Good explanation of rates but happy to see that now it is going down. Nice sharing and blog. Thanks for the info.

  8. There are the lots of complex, dynamic and interactive factors which are influencing the real estate market that is only possible when the inflation rate will be controlled. In this way the situation in the market will remains stable because in this way there will be a minor difference between low end and the high end of the market. And this a positive sign of recovery. This thing will gives the maximum befits to the buyer and sellers.

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