Meet the Contessa

Buon Giorno!


The beauty, charm and communities of San Francisco seduced me some sixteen years ago. And not willing to leave my heart here, as Mr. Bennett did, I stayed to make the City my new hometown.

Having lived in Seattle, New York, North Africa, Hawaii and St. Paul (my birthplace) I certainly suffered from a nomadic twitch before arriving here. Not to say I still don’t still have some midwest hokiness about me — when excited I’ve been heard to exclaim “neat!” — or a habit of watching the sunset as a ritual — a hold-over from childhood days on Waikiki beach — among other charming eccentricies I’ve picked up along my journey, which all help me fit right into our diverse and original City.

I also hanker after everything new, it’s either ADD or avid curiousness (a trait which propelled me to get my BA in journalism from NYU), so it’s really no surprise that the newest part of San Francisco — South Beach, Rincon Hill, and Mission Bay — is where I’ve focused my real estate business. Watching this area transform over the last decade, and now begin to coalese into a real community and neighborhood has been fascinating, and it’s just beginning!

Please add your comments and feedback or contact me at with any real estate questions.

All my best,

Melanie Narducci, Realtor  Keller Williams San Francisco Properties


13 responses to “Meet the Contessa

  1. Thank you… for linking my site to yours.

    That is very sweet of you.


  2. Nice site, Melanie!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Damion!

  4. I see you use the Cutline theme too, looks like you have it all tricked out.

  5. Do you have any interest in linking blogs? My site is a real estate blog in Minnesota.

  6. We need you over on theFrontSteps. Damion is there, so are many others. We’re growing fast. Would love you to come join us.


  7. Could I sponsor your blog with a paid link? Contact me if anyone is interested. my email is gbroadbentatweichertcom

  8. Hi mel,
    I thought I would share a recent article that mentioned my store at:
    I also need to get my online email list updated as we lost everything that was on our old computer. Let me know what are the best emails for you guys and also do you have Jessie and fran’s email? thanks!
    ❤ julie

  9. Very nice site. Easy to read many good information.

  10. Thanks, Eli! I appreciate you stopping by, and the compliment!

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  12. Hi,
    I am an Indian citizen, living in Dubai. Am interested in purchasing property in San francisco(condo or single homes). Can a non- resident, non US citizen purchase property in California? And if we can- what are the required legal formalities. Pl. advise.

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