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Swapping, the old fashioned real estate transaction

Until fairly recently in our history, and the advent of lending and mortgages, most real estate transactions were exchanges and they are still the norm for many ranches and farms. With a shift in our market, an exchange may speed the right outcome for your situation.

Imagine a younger couple in a South Beach condo with children on the way wanting more space and perhaps a single family home, and then imagine an older couple with a single family home wanting to downsize and escape from their home maintenance duties and be in an area, like South Beach, with the convenience of amenities and entertainment within walking distance. Here’s an ideal situation where the real estate desires of the parties would indicate a possible swap.

But exchanges are not limited to San Francisco, maybe you’re ready to swap out your rental property for a place in Tahoe, or Hawaii.

I’m putting together a site for those interested in learning more about swapping and to post what they have and what they want to exchange. If you’re interested in learning more about exchanges feel free to send me an email at