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A unique perspective on new condo online marketing

You have to check out www.therobclark.com a web site that cleverly focuses on the experience of a new condo, rather than the amenities or finishes.  I’ve been critical of the blandness of the majority of our new construction web sites, although this one is in LA, Beverly Hills to be exact, I definitely have to give it my top tiara rating!  Thanks, Rob!


Top 10 online resources to research San Francisco neighborhoods

How do buyers determine what neighborhood is the right one for them in San Francisco?


It’s where most buyers start, “How much can I afford?” and I find Trulia’s “heat maps” function works well to dig down into and compare neighborhood price trends.  Here’s a snapshot of our market.

Location, location, location

“How long will my commute be?” is the neighborhood near freeway on-ramps, BART stations, CalTrain, ferries and Muni? Is there a nearby dog park? What is the micro climate usually like?

What are the neighbors like?

I’m a demographic geek from my days in marketing and I love this census mashup by zip code at the time of the 2000 census. (I found 2 zip codes in LA that had over 25% unemployment at the time of the 2000 census!)

Is it a safe neighborhood?

These up to date crime maps are awesome, giving you the crime incidents that have occurred up to the last 90 days by the type of crime and shows the date and time.

Shopping? Eating? This site is pretty easily navigated to give you the basics — nothing fancy — of each shopping district around the City and beyond; it’s a crib sheet for shopaholics. For those hitting the boutiques your guide is Style Maven.

What’s the neighborhood going to look like in the future?