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San Francisco Rents up over 14%

San Francisco tops the list of Bay Area cities says RealFacts recent study according to this article from the Chron (scroll down to see the chart).

And sfcurbed found some Inifinty condos that will be available to rent in May.

I’m putting together a list of South Beach condos that will actually cash flow!


San Francisco rents rise

I just heard this morning, on kqed radio, that Realfacts is reporting a nearly 9% increase in bay area rents.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find this information on Realfacts website.  Yesterday I stopped by the Palms to see what they have left and saw a corner 1 bedroom with Twin Peaks views — when I ran the numbers the payment surprisingly came out to comparable rents in the building!  Once I find the source for this stat I’ll post it in the comments section of this post.  If one of you finds it before I do, please add it to the comments section!